We are proud to be independent funeral directors based in Montrose, Scotland. At a time when many funeral homes are being sold to large shareholder driven corporations, we remain proudly a Scottish independently owned and operated funeral home.

Email: James Collier (j_collier@hotmail.co.uk)
Registered Office: Emslie Collier Funeral Directors, Broomfield Road, Montrose, DD10 8SZ
Registration Number: 02511598

Here for you and your family when you need us. So contact us now and let us take care of all your needs.

Frequently Asked Question

We hope that you will find this section useful if you are seeking advice and information about both the immediate practicalities of funeral planning as well as the longer term concern of coping with bereavement.

At Emslie S. Collier & Son  we understand that it can often be a confusing and emotional time in the aftermath of the death of a friend or relative. When called upon to arrange a funeral, we take complete responsibility for all of the details. Our experienced and friendly team strives to provide helpful advice and support that will benefit you at this time of need.

Funeral Team

Funerals: Customs And ExpectationsFunerals: Customs And Expectations

Black clothing is still normal at funerals, though many people will wear other dark colours. Increasingly families.....

What To Say And Write To The FamilyWhat To Say And Write To The Family

It’s very normal to be stuck for words when you’re writing a letter of condolence or visiting someone who’s just suffered a bereavement.....

When Someone You Know Loses A Loved OneWhen Someone You Know Loses A Loved One

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How Grief Effects You When Someone DiesHow Grief Effects You When Someone Dies

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Helping Children Understand DeathHelping Children Understand Death

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Helping Parents With The Death Of Their ChildHelping Parents With The Death Of Their Child

Losing a child is a pain that no parent expects to have to suffer, and one that no-one but a parent can hope to understand.....

Knowing Someone Who Had A Violent DeathKnowing Someone Who Had A Violent Death

Violent death is always horrific, sudden and unexpected, which makes it particularly hard to accept.....

After A Person Has Committed SuicideAfter A Person Has Committed Suicide

If someone you love has committed suicide, you are likely to feel anger, guilt, distress, disbelief and a whole range of other emotions.....

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